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C'était Un Rendevous
Makes Bullitt look like a cartoon! Jeremy Clarkson


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Originally banned, you'd be hard-pressed to find a film as steeped in myths as C’était un Rendezvous.

Was Lelouch arrested when it was first screened ?
Was it really a Formula 1 driver who drove the car ?
Was Lelouch driving the iconic Ferrari 275GTB ?
If it’s real - then how did he do it ?

This legendary film with it’s surprise twist at the end is an exhilarating non-stop adrenaline-fueled drive through the streets of 70’s Paris. Terrifying yet life-affirming, Rendezvous was made in just one take by French award winning director, Claude Lelouch. It delights cinefiles and petrol heads alike and must be seen to be believed.

When Jeremy Clarkson said "It makes Bullitt look like a cartoon" he crowned C’était un Rendezvous the undisputed king of car chase movies - Ronin, The French Connection... they don't even come close.

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