The Price of Kings

“Chills the blood...  treats its audience like grown-ups” The Financial Times

What would you sacrifice for what you believe? In our new documentary series The Price of Kings, world leaders confront their conscience, regrets and inner struggles faced under the most extreme of circumstances.

"I've never heard leaders speak like this before" Holly Smith, Total Politics

"Epic in Scope, themes and revelations” Rankin, Hunger Magazine/Dazed & Confused

Narrated by Helana Bonham Carter, films 1&2 (Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres) reveal the reasons behind both sides failure to solve the Middle East conflict. Film 3 (coming soon) reveals the secrets and price paid by the President who successfully delivered peace -  whilst defying the superpowers and risking his own country (without an army) - Oscar Arias of Costa Rica.

“Uncompromising” The Huffington Post “Outstanding!” The National

"What we call experience the young generation calls a chain of mistakes. I hardly sleep at night...                                                                                       ...Never" Shimon Peres, The Price of Kings


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The Price of Kings: Film 2 - Shimon Peres


"uncompromising" Huffington Post

The President of Israel confronts his conscience and the nation he's built...
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The Price of Kings: Film 1 - Yasser Arafat


“Suha Arafat is articulate and frank” Hollywood Reporter

Arafat reveals the regrets, sacrifices and...
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Special Offer : The Price of Kings Films 1 & 2


“Chills the blood” The FT

In the first two films in our new documentary series, Presidents Arafat and Peres reveal...
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How to Start a Revolution


Meet the most important man you've never heard of
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