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Our fascination with politics started with The Ministry of Truth, part of the BBC's "Why emocracy" season (and one of the largest worldwide broadcasts to date). It left people open mouthed at the audacity of putting a bill into Parliament that made it a criminal offence for elected representatives to lie and became the highest rated political doc for the BBC of that year. Ultimately it led to the Fear Factory and our new and most ambitious series, The Price of Kings - so we're not complaining (you can see sneak previews for The Price of Kings here).

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The Fear Factory


The Fear Factory - a machine that has doubled our criminal population in a decade. "Puts politicians and media in the dock as never before; the verdict? Guilty on all counts.” - John Fassenfelt, Deputy Head, Magistrates Association
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The Ministry of Truth


Dom Joly's "Professor of Deceit" takes apart Ministers and MPs as only he can in this highly irreverent, exposé. "Utterly compelling... never have so many politicians ducked and run for cover" - The Daily Telegraph
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