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Left direction
The Snake and the Stallion
The Snake and the Stallion

Special Offer : The Price of Kings Films 1 & 2
Special Offer : The Price of Kings Films 1 & 2

Punk Drunk Love
Punk Drunk Love

How to Start a Revolution
How to Start a Revolution

C'était un Rendezvous 2013
C'était un Rendezvous 2013

Right direction



    Joanna Natasegara wearing Yasser Arafats jacket with Munib al Musri while filming in the West Bank for The Price of Kings

    A massive congrats to Spirit Level Film alumni Joanna Natasegara and the team behind "Virunga" on their Oscar nomination for best documentary - a fantastic achievement!

    Jo joined us for The Ministry of Truth in 2006 and stayed the course [with adventures too numerous to mention along the way] through to our most recent series - The Price of Kings.

    Here's hoping the Oscar nomination turns into a very well deserved statuette and sees Jo on stage (probably wearing something other than Yasser Arafat's favourite jacket - though we wouldn't put it past her).

    And if you're wondering, yes - that really is Arafat's jacket. The gentleman with Jo is Munib Al Musri - one of Arafat's early financial backers - whilst filming for The Price of Kings in the West Bank. But that's another story.

    If you haven't seen Virunga yet - check it out on Netflix.

  • Download Rendezvous in magnificent HD

    Well, we've finally done it. In all it's High Definition, 1920 x 1080 glory, C'etait un Rendezvous available for digital download at a pre-Xmas price of £3.99 (or $6.25 to our friends in the US)

  • NO GOD RISING (and the cure for AIDS)


    Professor Anthony Grayling

    Fresh from filming this week with humanist philosopher, Professor Anthony Grayling on the rise of atheism and decline of religious extremism (counter-intuitive but not just wishful thinking) for "NO GOD RISING" when last Sunday's prayers fires this gem across our radar...

    Baptist Pastor Steven Anderson of Arizona has found a cure for AIDS. Steven is extremely proud that he "didn't need billions of dollars of research… it was in the bible all along".

    You can't make this stuff up…     (and we've all seen what it leads to...)

  • Total Recall - The Ministry of Truth


    Smokescreen or the real deal? The New Recall Bill


    You may have noticed from The Ministry of Truth that political accountability has been a subject close to our hearts.

    Indeed it was 2007 when we got our Bill to a second reading in the House of Commons, so congratulations due for the current Recall Bill getting past its third and final reading.

    But is it a smokescreen or will we actually be able to force a by-election for misbehaving MPs? Zac Goldsmith pointed out the acid test is whether MPs caught up in the expenses scandal could be recalled under the new Bill.

    Regrettably the answer's no. Not one.